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We Are Pluck

We love chicken and we operate on a simple fundamental belief: the highest quality pasture-raised birds should be available to everyone— whether grilled, fried, or rotisserie.

We are re-defining the standard for how all chicken eateries operate and don’t mind ruffling a few feathers in the process.

A Deep Cut Into the Chicken Industry

Let’s break down how business works

Most of our industries have a lot of competition, meaning there are many brands offering products to customers. Competition is great—it keeps brands innovative, focused on quality and finding best business practices. It’s not a monopoly or oligopoly, No one (or few) brands have control.

When an industry has little to no competition, companies may take advantage of the situation. In the chicken industry, this means forcing farmers to accept crappy contract terms (low pay, demanding terms, etc). The impact trickles all the way through the supply chain. Employees have poor work conditions and low pay, customers eat overpriced meat of poor quality, and the chickens suffer living in extremely inhumane conditions.

Modern chickens are manufactured, they have become a commodity.

Chickens that once needed 12 weeks to week maturity have been engineered to reach full body size in 5 weeks. However their hearts and legs often can’t keep up with the size of their body growing at such high speeds. These chickens are usually fed genetically modified corn, soy, and other low quality feed. It’s not good for the chicken, it is not good for you.

What Can You Do?

Demand fresh, healthy and humane choices. Support the farmers and brands that are out to reform the industry. Buy chicken at your local farmers markets or online. Look for chickens that are pasture raised. Don’t fall for chicken just because it’s labeled organic, natural or free range. Tell your local supermarket that you want humanely raised chickens stocked on the shelves.

Pasture raised is not only good for the chicken, it’s good for you. Who wants a chicken grown under conditions that focus on economics and efficiency? That’s not crafted chicken, that chicken manufacturing. Disgusting. 

Rotated to fresh pastures every single day which makes them not only healthy and delicious but ALSO rebuilds regenerative soils and grasslands.

Food that is raised and harvested responsibly, ethically, and naturally. Pasture raised chickens and bone broth from good bones. The way it’s supposed to taste. Switch with us from commodity chickens to craft chickens.

A Chef Driven Concept

Celebrated chef and restaurateur Sam Marvin loves taking a big bite out of life and savoring every morsel. From traveling the globe working with some of the world’s most acclaimed chefs and eateries to creating inventive restaurant concepts, Sam Marvin has developed a knack for introducing successful culinary endeavors. With a commitment to excellence and a demonstrated track record of culinary achievement, Chef Sam Marvin, CEO of The Goat LLC, is a California native who captivated the Los Angeles dining scene with innovative restaurant concepts Modada and BottegaLouie. Marvin’s visionary and pioneering approach to the restaurant experience has helped him redefine the classic and traditional model of fine dining.

Sam’s expertise as a chef, restaurateur and businessman is to take all of his world-class experience and knowledge and bring it to the convenience of society. The way in which he sources and treat his products, the classically trained techniques of cooking, the culture of quality that exists only in the top restaurants around the world, a personal guest service philosophy known as the intents, an environment that promotes urban, social and lifestyle experiences and a team of employees that take extreme pride in what they do and for whom they work for.